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I had the pleasure to speak about creating bite sized audio-visual demos, and LIVE code one at Front Trends 2016 in Warsaw, Poland.

Photo credits: Szymon Kaliski


Front-Trends is an excellent and balanced conference. As for my talk, making small creative demos is all about:

Abusing the standards and developing a visual understanding of mathematics

Slides, LIVE coding and video

Speakers had 30 minutes. I spent the first 7-8 minutes giving tips on how to create tiny Audio-Visual demos for the web platform, before LIVE coding a little animation with sound.

This time, I wanted to play with the logo of the conference, vector fields and the Web Audio API.

Here are the slides of my talk about Demo Reel and Tiny JavaScript and result of the ~20 minutes LIVE CODING session.

The session went fine despite two small technical problems with the timer and wireless microphone. In retrospect I could, and should, have easily solved these problems. My apologies to the audience, Kenneth Ormandy who spoke after me, and to the organizers.

Why oh why ?

My goal with talks like this one is to demystify creative coding and the demoscene. I hope to inspire the viewers to bring their creative ideas to life.

Live coding is tricky, and requires a lot of preparation, but I believe it speaks louder than words for this kind of talks. Developing a little animation on stage; explaining things as we go, in a limited amount of time illustrates very well the power and expressiveness of simple techniques.

Front Trends

Front Trends is an amazing 3 days, 1 track, conference with 2 rounds of lighting talks opened to everyone. Everything was top notch: the organization, the speakers, the venue, the attendees, ... I can't believe I was part of it all!

The talks were all recorded and should be available shortly in Front-Trends 2016 playlist which starts with the highlights of the conference.

Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw is beautiful with a heavy history. It reminded me of Berlin in many aspects. It was nice to hop around the city with the little family.

Other recent projects

There are many experiments and projects like DEMO REEL AND TINY JAVASCRIPT AT FRONT TRENDS to discover other here.

Let's talk

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