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3D Tomb II

3D TOMB II: The tomb of the 4096 mummies is a first person shooter in a fully textured environment done in less than 4KB of JavaScript.

It was initially made for the5k 2002. Unfortunately the contest got cancelled so I waited for an opportunity to release it while adding more features and optimizing the game beyond all my expectations.

The 3D TOMB II mini site

Check the 3D TOMB II mini site for more information and to play.

Technical feat

3D Tomb II is a fully fledged game in less than 4KB ( 4096 bytes ) of DHTML. It features multiple levels, enemies, items, HUD, textures, high scores, ... Including all assets ( images, style, markup and JavaScript ), 3D Tomb II is actually 4003 bytes big.

A total of 144 textures are generated based on 6 base textures, 3 tone maps and 8 mathematical patterns.

To render not only the walls but also the floor and ceiling in a size efficient manner, floorcasting was favored over the traditional 2 passes rayscating approach. Using mirroring and time coherence between frames allowed for a frame rate of 10-15fps in Internet Explorer, back in 2002.

The controls

Use the arrow keys to move and turn around, x and c to strafe left and right, and space to shoot.

Gameplay video

Fan made gameplay video circa November 2007.

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