361 words ~ 2-3 minsMathieu 'p01' Henri on March 31th, 2017

CODING⯌ART at Render

CODING⯌ART at Render 2017 was part of my series of talks + live coding aiming to inspire new web developer artists.

Slides & LIVE coding

Here are the slides of the talk and the result of LIVE coding. Since I had 30 minutes this time, I use an mp3 music and the Web Audio API to play with the audio data to feed the visuals.

Render Conference

Render is a 2 days, 1 track conference organized by White October Events and held in beautiful Oxford. Everything about Render was world class! It was a privilege to be part of it and meet so many incredible people. The speakers and 400 delegates were well taken care off. I had the chance to travel with the little family and stay two days longer.

Photo by Adam Butler

Intro, setup & goals

Like the previous talks in this series of talk + LIVE coding, this one was all about creating art using code and not being afraid of mathematics, imperfections or twisting standards. During the first 10 minutes I tried to show a few tricks in these areas and lower the barrier people often feel with mathematics and audio/visuals projects.

Then came 20 minutes of LIVE coding to create an audio/visual animation using a music created by my friend Kenet. It started with the music, a simple equalizer, a mirroring to make it look like a canyon, a zoom to fly through this musical canyon, some neon colors and finally a couple of fluffly clouds.

For the LIVE coding sessions I favor the most simple setup possible: a text editor, no libraries, and a browser tab pointing to the file straight from the file system and the devtool opened to spot any parsing or execution error. Thankfully VSCode's autocompletion comes handy, with all the function and type definitions it saves us from many simple errors.


The feedback was extremely positive. It was especially nice to hear from people who saw me talk and live code previously how they appreciate the new touches to the talk and original live code.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.