461 words ~ 2-4 minsMathieu 'p01' Henri on November 18th, 2017

Frontfest Moscow

It was an honour to be invited to Fronfest Moscow 2017 with the little family to give my first workshop; implementing a Twin-stick shooter using ES6 and Canvas, and to continue my CODE🎙ART series of talks + live coding aiming to inspire new web developer artists.

Photo credits: ixth

Frontfest is a great conference with multiple tracks, including talks, panels, discussions & workshops. Most of these are in Russian but the organizers made a point of having international speakers deliver talks and workshops in English with live translation to Russian.


Speakers had 30 minutes. I spent the first 10 minutes giving tips on how to create Audio-Visual demos for the web platform, before LIVE coding some 3D graffiti with touch and microphone input.

Here are the slides of the talk.

My goal with this series of talks is to demystify creative coding and the demoscene. I hope to inspire the audience to bring their creative ideas to life.

Live coding is tricky, and requires a lot of preparation, but I believe it speaks louder than words about creative coding. Developing a little animation on stage; explaining things as we go, in a limited amount of time illustrates very well the power and expressiveness of simple techniques.

Twin-stick shooter workshop

For a while I wanted to run workshops, and I got the chance to have 16 fantastic developer on board.

First we talked about the Twin-stick shooters genre of video games. What is needed to create a game on the web platform. The entities involved in a Twin-stick shooter, and how to compute collision detections. We had two coding sessions of 25-30 minutes each and ended with a show and tell where two developers showed what they just did.

This turned out great! A 1.5h workshop goes fast. But the attendees surprised me! I didn't expect such inventive results.

All the materials are on the Twin-stick shooter repository.

You can play a basic implementation and more polished one of the game.

Moscow, Russia

Moscow is a huge city with so many things to see and experience. The red square, Arbat, the Gorky park and Garage museum are a must. The metro is incredible and worth a tour. T

More workshops

Along with speaking engagements, I would gladly run workshops about creative coding or game development in JavaScript. This first experience was incredible. It was not very far from the Hours of code and the Code Club I run at the school of my daughter, Vida. Due to 1.5h format of the workshops at Frontfest, I kept the Twin-stick shooter workshop simple but it can fit a half day to full day format without a problem.

Let's talk if you organize an event about technology and creativity.