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VOLTRA: Grinding the Universe, a gritty JavaScript demo, winner of the 1024 bytes demo competition at the Assembly 2017.

The Assembly is a 25 years old demoscene event with the most anticipated 1kb, 4kb, 64kb and 256mb demo competitions. And I can not be more excited of winning the 1kb competition again after winning 2 years ago with BLCK4777 and getting 2nd place last year with ASTRA.

Grinding the Universe in 1024 bytes

With VOLTRA, I wanted to do something gritty. Extremely gritty. Something with a soundtrack out of this world, vocals ( yes! vocals in a 1kb demo ) and some visuals inspired by PETSCII and CGA graphics with a modern twist of 3D and post processing.

Here is a video capture of the final result, just in case.

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