268 words ~ 2 minsMathieu 'p01' Henri on June 30th, 2012


DEMOJS 2012's winner 1k intro with 3D graphics and music, written in JavaScript and packaged into a self extracting PNG image. See and hear for yourself! Remember, everything you're about to see and hear fits in 1024 bytes. Watch out, the music is quite loud


It's always fun and interesting to enter the JS1k competitions but I am a demoscener at heart. My whole work goes in that direction: Most bang for your buck! With some style on top!

Glimpses of MATRAKA were floating in my head for months until I could materialize it: I wanted to make a DEMO-ish 1k intro with a phat tune and effect, something out of this world for JavaScript 1k prods, set in space with an asteroid and stuff dancing around.

June 2012: DemoJS and its 1k demo competition were one month away and I could feel MATRAKA touch on reality. It was time to make this happen.

It was four intensive weeks but with the help of 4MAT the result went beyond my initial vision. Despite its small size MATRAKA is my most complete and DEMO-ish production to date. The feedback was aboslutely amazing too.


Fast forward to July 2013 where I went to DEMOJS with another 1k intro, MINAMI DISTRICT, and to give a talk explaining the development process of MATRAKA. Check the source of the slides to read some of my notes. Hopefuly this will shed some light about this little puppy.


Of course MATRAKA is available on where all comments and thumbs up are appreciated.

Hope you like this little production.