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A voxel landscape rendered using a plasma in a valid 480bytes Atari bootsector. TERRA ranked #2 at Outline 2006

Unfortunately I ran out of time and didn't manage to reach the visual fidelity of the JavaScript prototype. Yet, TERRA got good feedback on pouet.net and ranked #2 at Outline 2006. I guess I should revisit the idea of plasma-rendering.

Using a plasma - a colorful pattern made by changing the color multiple times per scanline - was very tempting as it is a very compact and stable way to render outside of the normal 320x200 screen resolution. This allowed to get a nice landscape feel to the intro. However it also means that each vertical slice of the voxel landscape is at least 12 pixels wide and a multiple of 4. In the case of TERRA, the vertical slices are 24 pixels wide.

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