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Many people did fractals renderers in Javasript in 256 bytes, but no one ever made one that zooms and rotate... until today.

Source code

<pre id=B><script>setInterval("for(d='p01?*?:,~.????',C=Math.cos(n-=88),S=Math.sin(n),Y=m=1+C,z=2048;z;Y-=m/16)for(d+='<br>',X=m;--z&63;X-=m/32,d+=d.charAt(k))for(r=i=k=0;++k+r*r+i*i<13;i=t)t=2*r*i-X*C+Y*S,r=r*r-i*i-X*S-Y*C+C-1;B.innerHTML=d",n=9)</script>

Exactly 256 bytes.

And here is a slightly beautified version of the render loop


Not much magic going here. It is rather straight forward implementation of a Mandelbrot fractal renderer with zoom and rotation of the viewport.

Many bytes were wasted to make sure this effect works cross browser.

The one trick I like here and reused many times was to have one line with some kind credits that also serves as a look up table to render the frames.


You can find mandelbrot rotozoom on were it was well received after all. However it was my first tiny prod in JavaScript since the 256b.htm contest, and I had a hard time to please every one. On the other hand I learnt some valuable lessons.

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