231 wordsMathieu 'p01' Henri on July 2nd, 2011

Cotton Candy

First stab at webGL, in 1k between two nappy changes. It's glitchy and tiny but I quite like this puppy. It ranked #3 at DemoJS.

This entry is a bit of a proof of concept: I was sure it was possible to make something decent in 1k with webGL but wondered how much effort this could take and how small the setup code would be.

It turns out it's not that complex and the setup code ( including vertex shader and a minimal fragment shader ) is under 500 bytes uncompressed which leaves a lot of space for a shiny fragment shader.

Initially this little intro was made for DemoJS and took 1024 bytes of JS. If you add the HTML/CSS/JS shim, it weighed around 2.5Kb. Soon after I wrote a standalone version in 961 bytes. Today, the standalone version clocks at 842 bytes with the following breakdown:

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To be continued...

Expect more gl1k productions in the future. Making this intro was fun and there is no doubt this intro can be optimized further and the setup code improved.