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A simple 3D starfield with title and fog in 256 bytes of Javascript

There is also a plain version in 209 bytes

Source code

<body id=B text=snow bgColor=0><script>O=setInterval("m='p01 256b Starfield';c=Math.cos;for(o=0;o<65;)m+='<p style=position:absolute;top:'+(50+(z=399/(73-(++o+O++&63)))*c(o*.9))+'%;left:'+(50+z*c(o))+(z>>4?'%>.':'%;color:#456>.');B.innerHTML=m",9)</script>

256 bytes for the polished version above with title, colors and fog and 209 bytes for the plain version below

<body id=B text=tan bgColor=0><script>setInterval("m='';c=Math.cos;for(u=65;u;)m+='<p style=position:absolute;top:'+(50+(z=399/(9+(--U+u--&63)))*c(u*9))+'%;left:'+(50+z*c(u))+'%>�';B.innerHTML=m",U=9)</script>

The cool tricks were the TOTORO smiley ++o+O++ that increases the zoom ratio and the index of the stars, and the use of Math.cos with fixed angles per star to give their direction.


The feedback for Starfield on pouet was rather nice.

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