85 wordsMathieu 'p01' Henri on October 16th, 2008

Mars Landscape

Remember the amazing MARS 4Kb intro by Tim Clarke in 1993 ? Here comes a remake in 256b using JavaScript and Canvas

<body onload=setInterval("S=Math.sin;with(R.getContext('2d'))for(fillRect(0,0,300,150,drawImage(R,9,2,282,148,0,3,300,150),fillStyle='rgba(99,0,42,.01)'),a+=x=88;x--;fillRect(x*4,75+S(a+x/27+S(x/9)*S(a*2-x/15))*20,4,3))fillStyle='#c60'",a=9)><canvas id=R>

The landscape is a simple curve rendered with a zoom blur. It is not a voxel landscape like in the original MARS 4Kb intro but conceptually the effect is exactly a landscape rendered in perspective.